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A Sincere Thank You from Jane Burgess

Dear fellow citizens of Zionsville,

While I did not emerge as the victor in the primary mayoral race tonight, I remain filled with a sense of pride and gratitude. I thank all of my loyal supporters who believed in me and put their faith in my vision for our community. Your enthusiasm and dedication to this campaign have been truly inspiring, and I am humbled by the trust you placed in me.

I also want to express my sincere gratitude to my wonderful family for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout this campaign. Without their love and guidance, I would not be the 
person that I am today.

Although the election result was not what we hoped for, I believe that our town is stronger when we work together. As I said throughout this campaign, we all share a common goal of making Zi-onsville the best it can be. This is a shared responsibility that we all must take seriously.

I urge everyone to put aside their differences and come together as a community to make Zionsville the best town it can be now and in the future. Let us transcend political affiliations and focus on the issues that matter most to us all: smart economic growth, public safety, and 
financial transparency. 

I congratulate my opponent on a hard-fought campaign, and I extend my hand in a gesture of friendship and cooperation. Let us move forward together, committed to making Zionsville a better place for all of its residents.

Thank you again for your support, and let's continue to work together to build a brighter future for Zionsville.



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