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Jane Addresses her Opponent's Baseless Claims to Mislead Voters

Zionsville deserves better.

Some of you may have heard the baseless claim being trumpeted by my opponent that my campaign somehow violated campaign finance law.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Every dollar we raise is transparent and reported.  A clerical entry error was made in the 12/31/22 finance report, which was corrected the very same day. The Boone County Clerk office has stated that we are in good standing.

Everyone makes mistakes. The difference here is I am strong enough to admit an error and my opponent is not.  He needs to hold himself to the same standards he holds others. Falsely claiming one of my contributions is over the limit shows he either does not understand the law or is purposely trying to mislead voters.  My campaign is, and will always be, in strict compliance with the law.  

Perhaps the overwhelming support I’ve received from all of you has rattled my opponent. He is now feeling the pressure and grasping at straws. A question worth asking is, “Why have 42% of my opponent’s reported contributions come from outside of Zionsville?”

As for LLC donations, John Stehr has accepted contributions from 2 LLC’s with one from outside of Zionsville.  If the issue is the amount donated— I simply was shown greater financial support for which I'm extremely grateful.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. I will continue to work with you and for you as we plan for a better Zionsville.



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